༺ Ableism ༻

I hate it when people say shit like 
"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"
"Life doesn't send you challenges that you can't handle", 
"You grow through struggles" or 
"A smooth sea doesn't make a good pirate".

That is ableist shit and the only reason you are saying stuff like that if because you are scared shitless of life and need to reassure yourself in advance for all the bad stuff you are going to go through during your life.

You don't want to die, we get it.  You want to be a winner, you want to be in control of your life, we get it too.

But then you see, bad things DO fucking happen to people who just never get through it.  Some people die, struggling, unable to transform piles of shit into a beautiful tapestry of fucking flowers.

A mother somewhere is never made whole again after loosing her child to a horrible and violent crime, a young man struggling with a mental disease if never the same after a serious health scare,  a depressed teenage girl commits suicide after years of bullying and then being raped.  

Things like this happen every fucking day and when you refuse to acknowledge that they do, you are being judgmental and ableist if you think that these people are "weak" or are/were not strong enough.  

Not everybody on this earth has your privilege. 

There is still slavery, and rape and murder and abuse and horrible injustice done to human beings and this deserves to be seen and denounced. 
Each time you protect yourself with your bullshit beliefs, you invalidate the distress of people less fortunate than you, you deny them their own personal experience.

Ableism is not ok.